Monday, June 26, 2017

Peer Into The Garden

Everyone loves the binoculars at tourist sites like the Grand Canyon, and at the top of the Empire State Building, that you put a quarter into and can peer far into the distance.

Here in the East Village, we have our own version of this, outside the community garden El Jardin del Paraiso, on East 4th Street:

Our own version.

It's DIY!

Here is what it looks like, in use:

A tree, larger than life.

You don't even have to pay!

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More Fluorescent Dumping

Less than a month since the fluorescent-light dumping on Avenue C and East 5th Street, which I now attribute to East Village Bikes, since they're no longer open, comes this:


It's hard to guess where this might have come from… until you turn around!

Behold, the beloved Manhattan Laundry Center, on the corner of Avenue C and East 8th Street, with a fluorescent lightbulb missing:

Fluorescent lightbulb missing.

At least they don't just throw it into the street, like in the bad old days!

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Friday, June 23, 2017

East Village Bikes Closed

This has to be one for the record books!

The beloved East Village Bikes, on Avenue C, opened in early May. Here it is late June, and they're closed!


Even the name is covered.

Even the name is covered!

You can tell this is the real thing, because the bikes, that were on the sidewalk since the day they opened, are now gone:


This leave us asking a lot of questions, like:

What will become of the WFMU-bicycle-basket bicycle?!

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WFMU Bicycle Basket Update

How often does it happen that a bicycle basket makes an appearance in a blog more than once?

Not very often, I'd wager, unless it's the WFMU bicycle basket of yore!

Take a look at this, seen outside the beloved East Village Bikes, on Avenue C:

WFMU bicycle basket.

There was a repair ticket on the seat — I wonder what's wrong with the bike?

Too much static?!

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5c Cultural Center Closed?

It may look like the beloved 5C Cultural Center, on East 5th Street and Avenue C, is closed, but they're not — they're renovating!

Behold, as seen yesterday:

Closed for renovations.

Here is a picture of the inside:


These chairs and tables look so much nicer than the ones they're replacing — I'm probably going to hang out here every day now.

I hope they have free WiFi!

#eastvillage #5cculturalcenter #avenuec #5thstreet #renovations

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Regular riders of Citibikes know that from time to time new bikes make their way into our lives.

The most recent one I've seen is this, on Avenue D, featuring the Mets:

The Mets.

What's with all these hippies in sports these days? It's even worse in football — every team has a hippie on it now!


East Villagers like punks, not hippies!

#eastvillage #citibike #hippies #punks

New Citibike Station?

I was walking across East 6th Street this past Tuesday, when I saw what looks all the world like a new Citibike station going in, near the corner of Avenue A:

New Citibike station?

Sadly, that's not the case — it's just regular street repairs.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Tiny Little Wooden Diorama

East Villagers are so accustomed to the Graffiti Wall on First Avenue being covered with graffiti and graffiti stickers and sometimes posters that many probably did not notice this tiny little wooden diorama:

Tiny little wooden diorama.

Here it is in context:

In context.

See? It's tiny!

#eastvillage #dioramas #firstavenue #graffitiwall

Graffiti Motorcycle

I was walking across East 3rd street this morning, when I saw these orange doodles sprayed on this motorcycle cover:

Orange doodle-graffiti.

The doodles look like voodoo symbols: eyes and stick figures and squiggles and such. The bottom says: "GO BACK &". I wonder what the other side says? "TRY AGAIN"?

 I wonder if the owner did this, or some vandal?

#eastvillage #motorcycles #graffiti #motorcyclecovers #3rdstreet #voodoo

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Two Murals In One

Just the other day, I wrote about the change to the artwork adorning the construction fence on Second Avenue, including the highlight of the piece: glam shoe.

Who knew this was the start of a movement?!

Behold, on Avenue C and East 12th Street:

Glam shoe mural.

Whoa! I just noticed something: There's words behind those shoes on the left!

Backstabbers Incorporated.
They smile in your face
All the time they want to take your place
The backstabbers
It's two, two, two murals in one!

#eastvillage #12thstreet #avenuec #constructionfences #murals